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Fourteenth – A wish list as preview

RAMMELLZEE, Shun U the Loan Sharker

“Cover your balls, ‘cause we swing Kung Fu”

In TV on the Radio’s “King Eternal” from 2004, the glitch filled beats throb in a pleasant almost polite way.  Many had tried this before, and some succeeded, but TV on the Radio did it with a mashup of nearly unidentifiable musical sources.  It felt unique then and it still does now.  Decades of synth and nob-twiddling had created many inauthentic sounds and genres.   These guys found the guts in it.

All of the artists I write about as unique stand on the shoulders of others.  Sometimes they lay waste to what came before, sometimes it’s a polite homage.  I am already convinced that there is plenty of unique work being made.  I would love to feel like what I will see in galleries this year will convince me that galleries are showing unique work.

This is not so much a preview as a list of hopes and dreams for this fall.  Right now there is so much promise for unique, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping art in galleries and museums this fall.  Here are a few of the shows I am hoping will swing Kung Fu:

Olafur Eliasson at Tanya Bonakdar
This fills my need for a big intervention/installation art.  Eliasson’s work is always intriguing even if he occasionally misses his mark.  Its flashy without being shallow.  Assume your concept of the four  elements or five senses will shift slightly after you see this show.
Walid Raad & David Diao at Paula Cooper
I imagine that this will be an intellectual powerhouse of a show, more suited for a series of 92nd Street Y lectures than my little newsletter.  Sometimes we need art that makes us work harder than we are comfortable with.

Keltie Ferris at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Keltie is a great painter and someone I consider a friend, but don’t let that dissuade you from my recommendation.  I am very much looking forward to seeing her outsized canvases in Mitchell-Innes & Nash’s space.  (Go Keltie!)

and for the most bizarre and enticing Museum show I am pretty sure I won’t make it out to see:

The RAMMELLZEE Galaxseum at the The Children’s Museum of the Arts

Have you seen these?  Deceased MC, Graffiti artist, Sculptor filled his home floor to ceiling with his hybrid toys.  They are a gift for the space-is-the-place loving odd ball in all of us.  Henry Darger with Mattel instead of doll catalogs.  Do NOT let that dissuade you, this is real art, outsider or not.

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