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88th – Color as Structure & road trip list

Voisine Time Piece

Don Voisine Time Piece, 2014

Color as Structure at McKenzie Fine Art is a show that could have been undone by its sameness.  The work (mostly painting) has not only an affinity throughout, but a methodical precision as to belong to a school of abstraction originally owned by Albers, Mondrian and Malevich.  The lucky part is that nearly all these artists have transcended those obvious connections and broadened the field (or plane).  Don Voisine, Kate Shepherd, Rob de Oude (I am an unabashed fan of all three) do wonders with flatness.  They do not attempt to call depth into being overtly, rather they allow the line and color to make the spaces full.  Alain Biltereyst (who just had a very good show at Jack Hanley) quietly eschews space for a consciously and visibly hand made formal line.  This certain school of abstraction has come and gone and come again in popularity in recent years.  y feeling is that abstraction (geometric, linear, hard edged and so forth) has as many possible permutations and breakthroughs ahead of it as any other “ism”.  This show at McKenzie Fine Art does a fine job of illustrating those many permutations.

Rob de Oude Cloud Computing

Rob de Oude Cloud Computing /3, 2014

A few shows around the Northeast that I am very excited to see in coming months (aka the “if you need an excuse for a road trip” list).

Bang on a Can 2014 at MassMOCA July 16 through August 2
Jim Hodges, ICA Boston until Sept 1
Amy Sillman, Bard Hessel Museum of Art until Sept 21
Zhang Huan and Virginia Overton at Storm King Art Center until November
David Diao at the Aldrich Museum July 13 – Sept 21

In the fall: Nicole Eisenman ICA Philadelphia Sept 19 – Dec 29

and as for NYC Summer Group shows,  Two Coats of Paint offers a list of group shows to see this summer


-Jeff Bergman July 2014

Alain Biltereyst

Alain Biltereyst 2/0/12, 2012



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