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Atlas – 96th – Previews: Dine, Dow, Goerk

Below are previews to three shows that I am looking forward to this month.  Please keep your eyes open for all of these artists.


If You See Something Say Something: Photographic works by Jeremiah Dine

If You See Something Say Something:
Photographic works by Jeremiah Dine
at bkbx gallery

If You See Something Say Something: Photographic works by Jeremiah Dine at bkbx gallery Opening October 2nd

Jeremiah Dine:  In the last few years of shooting I have immersed myself on the street, becoming part of the ebb and flow of humanity; gazing at each other and gazing at screens. I too have developed a voracious image acquisition strategy. While I was shooting everybody and everything I decided to edit a group of photographs of women as a tribute to a body of work I have long loved.   As an attempt to recreate Winogrand’s wall of photographs in a digital environment; slides will scroll by on the screen as this is the way we tend to look at multiple images today.


Karen Dow Cross Currents at Fred Giampietro
Overhang, 2014

Karen Dow Cross Currents at Fred Giampietro Opening October 10th

Karen Dow makes flat work, yet the architectural and sculptural elements within belie their flatness.  The distinct layers in the artist’s newest body of work act in surprising ways, exposing forms while ghost images reveal themselves under marble dust gray.  Like exposed composite rock segments, striations appear.  Stacked and patchworked forms assert themselves as the gray fogs over layered and masked formations. Most of these solid forms are the final layer, completing the balancing act.  Within Dow’s painting, there is always the possibility of imbalance and irregular shapes ready to topple at the slightest breeze.

David Goerk "Now and Then" at Howard Scott Gallery 1:11 (5.26.2014), 2014

David Goerk “Now and Then”
at Howard Scott Gallery
1:11 (5.26.2014), 2014

David Goerk: Now and Then at Howard Scott Gallery Opening October 23rd

Goerk’s previous exhibitions with the gallery have focused primarily on small painted forms that John Yau referred to as “small constructed paintings”.  Here the painted forms open a dialogue with a new series of panel paintings created using complex symmetrical drawings.  During the painting process, most of this underdrawing becomes paired down to the distilled image.  In his paintings, the artist makes inelastic forms.  Each are created within a plane that bears a nearly invisible history of it’s making.  As Goerk says: “the rectilinear plane dictates and extracts something new through the [drawing] process but relies on the same intuitive engagement; both the painting and objects rely on discovery through process.”

-Jeff Bergman October 2014


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