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113 – Sol LeWitt’s Postcards

A few months ago Mary Temple kindly invited me to add a post to the Artists on Diaries blog at the Archives of American Art.  In concert with the show A Day in the Life: Artists’ Diaries from the Archives of American Art, Mary has been collecting essays from artists and writers.  Though not explicitly a diary, I have long felt that Sol LeWitt’s postcards served as correspondence and a diary and sketchbook.  I argue the point here in Sol LeWitt’s Postcards.  I am proud to have been able to write this piece and I hope you will click through and read it.

AAA site

I want to thank Janet Passehl, John Lavertu and Sofia LeWitt from the The LeWitt Collection/ Estate for their assistance and permission as well as Elizabeth Botten at the Archives of American Art.  A huge thanks to Mary Temple for her invitation, inclusion and support.

-Jeff Bergman March 2015

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