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145 – Atlas Exhibitions

FnF Lewis Dow

Martha Lewis and Karen Dow in Flat/ Not Flat at Artspace New Haven

Over the past 6 years I have been fortunate enough to curate or co-curate some shows outside of my day job and the thing I love best about them is having an excuse to spend time with artists and see more of their work.  This may sound like a classic “suck up” comment, but it’s the truth.  I love the final show though getting it on the wall with all it’s quirks and changes is stressful.  The process of making a show is always greater than the show itself.  The list of these shows with artists names and links is below if you are interested.

I have often thought about the shows I would do if I had my druthers as my father always said.  In this case it’s less about druthers and more about space, time and funds.  This really is small minded though as people are making do with less to show the art they believe in.  I will do the same.  Coming this spring will be a collection of exhibition proposals and exhibition concepts.  Sometimes I will ask you to nominate artists under a concept or heading.  Sometimes I will present past proposals (newly polished) for shows I hope to make happen.  I do not believe in squirreling my ideas away, because only by sharing them can anything become of them.

At any point in this process, feel free to comment or contact me about these ideas.  Suggest or submit your own.  It is not my intention to mount every theoretical exhibition, but rather present an informal clearinghouse for ideas.

Any and all criticism is welcome.

-Jeff Bergman
February 2016

Fold at Planthouse with Anders Bergstrom, Martha Lewis, Matt Magee and Rachel Ostrow, Curated by Jeff Bergman and Rachel Gladfelter in 2015

Flat/ Not Flat with Jennifer Davies, Karen Dow, Alisa Dworsky and Martha Lewis, Curated by Jeff Bergman in 2014

The Inherited Plane for 3 x 3 x 3 at APT Project Rooms with Keltie Ferris, Kate Shepherd and Siebren Versteeg, Curated by Jeff Bergman in 2010

Structured at Spattered Columns with William Dutterer, Sara Eichner, Austin Kennedy, Nathan Kensinger, Michael Neff, Heidi Neilson, Lauren Pascarella, Eliza Stamps and Matthew Trygve Tung, Curated by Jeff Bergman in 2010

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