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160 – The Armchair Studio Visit: a Resource

I have attached a brief list of resources for those of you that want to hear artists in their own words and spend time in their studios.  Please write and share more sources for the list. I am adding a link to the Atlas page that will focus on these primary resources.


Sound and Vision Podcast
Episode of note: Chuck Webster

Seeing Is Forgetting Podcast
Episode of note: John Houck

Modern Art Notes Podcast
Episode of note: Kerry James Marshall

The Conversation
Episode of note: Michelle Grabner

Bad At Sports
Episode of note: Present Standard


Art21’s New York Up Close
Episodes of note: Keltie Ferris and Jamian Juliano-Villani

Gorky’s Grandaughter
Episodes of note: B. Wurtz and Tamara Gonzales

Text and Image

Bomb Magazine
Artists interviewing Artists – available to all

Archives of American Art, Oral History Interviews
Interview of Note: Sol LeWitt

Artforum’s 500 Words
Artists make brief statements on their current exhibitions and work

Temporary Art Review:
Interviews, News and Essays

Beer with a Painter by Jennifer Samet (Hyperallergic)
Interview of note: Angela Dufresne

Two Coats of Paint by Sharon Butler
News, Reviews and Interviews
Interview of note:  Carrie Moyer by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein

Painter’s Table
A wonderful catch all resource for great stories/reviews/interviews

Interview of note:  A Conversation with Eleanor Ray by Gwendolyn Zabicki

Pencil in the Studio (Maria Calandra)
Interview of note: Butt Johnson

A View from the Easel (Hyperallergic)
Studio images

Exhibition images

Gallery Travels and Contemporary Art Daily
These sites offer images and links to many shows, without critical content.


*Special Thanks to Rachel Gladfelter and Gwendolyn Zabicki for compiling

– Jeff Bergman
   August 2016

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