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141 – December Links and Shows

I was planning a review and realized at 1,500 words in I was more lost than ever.  I am reading
How to Write about Contemporary Art by Gilda Williams and started to see pitfalls everywhere.  The book is excellent.  While it isn’t the training I should have sought out earlier on, it is a fine resource.

Today I will offer a few links, notes and articles as well as some recommended shows.

Beer with a Painter: Jennifer Samet and Angela Dufresne at Hyperallergic
Barbara Rose with Claes Oldenburg at Interview
John Yau on Mary Heilmann at Hyperallergic
Ben Davis on ArtBlab! at Artnet
Quintron and The Weather Warlock in ArtNews

Notes and Links:

Straight off an Albers Foundation residency, Matt Magee has a room of 20 or so works in a stunning solo uptown at John Malloy.  Magee has big plans for 2016, so expect to see more announcements here.  Take a look back at our talk from 2014 here.

John Houck, whose piece Portrait Landscape (Object Classifier) series, 2015 I wrote about here, has several works in the New Photography exhibition at MoMA entitled Ocean of Images.  I hope to be able to bring you an Atlas Discussion with John in early 2016.

I am particularly proud of the pre-Thanksgiving Atlas with Mary Temple.  our conversation mostly hovers around studio practice but also on discovery and experimentation.  Several artists have told me how much they enjoyed this one and I do hope you will share it with friends.  Mary will have work at Odetta Gallery in January 2016.

Further afield, Kathy Butterly’s solo show, The Weight of Color, at Shoshana Wayne in LA looks fantastic.  I wish I could be there for it.  You can read my review of her last show at Tibor de Nagy here.

As for shows to see, a short list of my wish list for the next 2 weeks below:

Martin Puryear at the Morgan
Robert Ryman at Dia: Chelsea
Jim Shaw at the New Museum

Eleanor Ray at Steven Harvey Fine Art projects
EJ Hauser at Regina Rex
Joe Brainard at Tibor de Nagy

*Atlas will be less frequent this month.  One more edition will appear in December.

-Jeff Bergman
December 2015

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